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The first section of cabinet has been installed in its entirety. Melamine formwork ensured a smooth pour result while wire mesh gave the 2" thick slab additional resistance to cracking. Once the counter reached a 7 day cure, we wet polished all concrete surfaces to expose aggregate and remove any blemishes from the initial pour. After polishing, Atomic Blue stain was sprayed onto the concrete surface where it immediately went critical mass producing an isotopic reaction with the concrete (at least we believe it one here knows for sure). An industrial wet sealer was applied over the stain, which will require far less maintenance and produce a higher sheen than typical 'food grade' concrete sealers. Given the uncertainty of the safety regarding the Atomic Blue stain, we felt this type of sealer was the obvious choice. The Final product fit great in place of the previous P-Lam counter, giving us the necessary confidence to proceed with the rest of the kitchen.

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