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A Global law firm in the greater Los Angeles area desired to have their two floors linked via an interconnecting stair. Entries on both floors were upgraded to faux porcelain calcutta marble tile and a multitude of layout and finish modifications were made throughout the space. The focus of the project is the stair, which features matching marble treads & risers, a double story glass wall from Forms+Surfaces, and plinth on the second step made of a single sheet of flooring material to display the client's sculptural art. 

the opening of the stair was coordinated with existing structural steel to keep costs down, and located to allow proper circulation and preservation of existing adjacent conference rooms.

The most difficult aspect of the project was permitting through the LA DBI, which required a special research report for all glass components. As such, a glass engineer was brought into prove the double story glass wall could act as fall protection on the upper floor without the need of an additional 42" guardrail. 

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