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Located in the Sonoran Desert, the Busche Residence is a duplex housing complex with an additional  RV garage, stand-alone office and single bedroom apartment. Twelve inch insulated concrete forms with a six inch reinforced concrete core provides increased insulation and structural stability, while the central exterior courtyard creates a sense of community between the two duplex units. Site constraints included a narrow lot oriented on a north-south axis between two existing homes, with the primary view being located across the street to the south of the lot. As a result, living rooms were placed on the second level, each with an accompanying front balcony that frame in the natural arroyo beyond while being protected from the intense summer sun via large overhangs. North and south sections of the house are linked thru catwalks suspended eleven feet above finished floor.

Work completed as an independent designer and included the responsibility of design, budgeting, construction documentation, permitting, and construction oversight. Project 3D modeled in Rhino to assist in sun angle calculation and effective shading techniques.

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